Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Skyline with A

Pavel Shly

Owner & CEO

Energetic and driven, we were thrilled when Pavel Shly decided to bring Heli tours to Pittsburgh. Pavel is always excited to take on the next challenge and push our team forward.


Nat Shulikov

Director of Operations

Motivated & people-driven, you know your Heli needs will be taken care of by Natalia. Her warm smile & generosity will make your experience unforgettable.


Ivan Shulikov


Having been a resident of Pittsburgh for most of his life, Ivan has always loved the city and its beautiful skyline views. After his first Heli ride over Pittsburgh, he knew this is an experience every Pittsburgher and tourist had to be a part of.

Our Team
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Nice Freitas

Booking Specialist

Since joining Pittsburgh Heli, Nice Freitas has brought a passion and dedication with her each day. Her experience in customer service makes her the perfect fit as our Booking Specialist.




Manny was born in the Dominican Republic. Started his aviation career back in 2002 after graduating as an aviator officer of the DR military service. With over 4,000 hours of fly experience in different segments of the helicopter industry.




Dewayne is a Certified Flight Instructor with Instrument Rating. A commercial pilot from New Mexico, Dewayne, comes from a family of boaters and pilots. Traveling by water or by air is second nature to him. Dewayne was first introduced to the river at two-months old which started a tradition of boating and fishing on a regular basis. His passion for air travel led him to become a helicopter pilot and a pilot instructor. Amongst Dewayne’s work experience, he enjoyed being a helicopter pilot for the Electronic News Gathering team and a flight instructor for his 25 students in New Mexico. Dewayne’s love for flying is so contagious that many of our tour passengers become pilots-to-be after taking his “Discovery Flights”. Come enjoy the flight-of-your-life and see if you become the next pilot-to-be.

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