Fly the Heli Tour

Learn to fly and be the copilot in this Tour with our Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).

In this tour you will 

  • Take a 30 min. classroom and cockpit instruction

  • Become qualified to take the controls of our Robinson R44 helicopter with a CFI

  • Fly and work your way onto the controls of the helicopter for 30 min

  • Have the best backdrop for your photographs

  • Acquire copilot bragging rights!

You can be the copilot today! Here’s how…


Come to Finleyviille Airport. Our Customer Experience Representatives will greet you and check in. Then, you’ll have a 30-minute private class in both the classroom and the helicopter cockpit with our certified flight instructor (CFI).  He will cover all you need to know about flight safety and aerodynamics and explain the preflight checks.


Once in the cockpit, the instructor will show you the controls and instruments and walk you through the startup steps. The instructor will take off and transition into cruise flight. At this time, you will work your way onto the controls, one at a time, as you feel comfortable and the CFI deems appropriate. There will be dual controls installed in the helicopter so your pilot has-your-back-at-all-times. You can choose to take the controls as little or as much as you would like as long as the pilot in command authorize it according to the flight conditions. The pilot will prepare the aircraft for landing and bring you back to the runway.


Do you still have questions? Please call us at 412-583-5597 or email us at contact@pittsburghheli.com

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